Cycle Of E-commerce Order Fulfillment

The success of e-commerce business is totally dependent on the ecommerce order fulfilment Auckland in stipulated time. The necessary steps which are required for successful order cycle in e-commerce are following

Supply Chain Integration

Most of E-commerce Company work as 3rd party and they don’t acquire manufacturing facility (Source). The order received at website, will be communicated to source than it will be transferred to e-commerce company warehouse (owned/rented); from there it will be dispatched to customer via 3rd Party logistics carrier or self-owned fleet. This supply cycle will only be effective when all the participants (Source, warehouse, logistics partners) will be seamed in single supply chain function. Product Information sharing should be swift and clear to source. Response time of source should be integrated with the delivery time. Warehouse acts promptly to avoid any time delay and rapid transfer of item to Logistics partner.  Logistics partner must be informed about shipping guidelines and destination address.

Order Tracking & Visibility:

The most important information in all the cycle is keeping track of the order. The tracking information should be available to all stakeholders and every partner should be preliminary informed about the status of Order. This allows times to parties to make necessary arrangements for processing of order. This also helps to prevent to overcome any lagging the process.

Order Carrier:

Reliable order carrier is critical for completion of delivery cycle. Carrier should be equipped with all compulsory means required for making order delivered. If carrier is using any electronic database for order delivery, I should be integrated to all partners involved in cycle. Speed and accuracy are the factors on which carrier will be rated. Service level agreements should be developed and performance of carrier will be monitored as per defined service level.

Location of Facilities:

Location of the facilities of all partner involved is crucial for rapid economic order completion. If all the facilities will be located in close distance then it will reduce the cost and time for order. For instance, if customer address is in New York then the all business unit nominated for order should lay near to New York. Otherwise scattered location will drastically increase the cost of operations proportionally delivery time will also increase.

Customer Satisfaction

“Listening to Customer”, must be the motto of any successful business. E-commerce companies takes feedback from customer and tweak their operations on their opinion.  It helps to identify the gaps from order fulfilment till delivery. Also product quality feedback is also important for retention of customers.  Nowadays, customer preferred post-delivery call from E-commerce Company, inquiring about quality of product and accuracy of product delivery.

Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics comes into action whenever the defect product is reported by customers. In this case, carrier will be picking up the defected product from customer address and will deliver to warehouse. From there it will be returned to source for inspection. Customer will be compensated with new product of same type or their money can be refunded. But its critical to act quickly on customer complaints for gaining customer trust.